SmartDashboard and Camera

Has anybody been able to stream the camera feed to SmartDashboard? I am having trouble because there is no documentation on it. All I know is that it is possible thanks to WPILib Cookbook.

Yea, its easy in Smart Dashboard goto View>Add>Camera and put the ip address of the camera by View> editable then double click the camera box

I have done as u said. The problem I am now encountering is the camera LED indicator on the front is blinking green and I am still not receiving any feed. Anybody understand what this means?

Have you configured the ip of your camera?

Yes I have configured the camera with the utility that FIRST provided. Our Camera is set to I also checked the box for anonymous connections.

I’m having the same issue.

I had this same problem, connect to your camera through your browser at 10.Te.Am.11 and turn “Anonymous Viewing” on

Of course you need to replace Te.Am with your team number.

(For example, I would go to

Once you are there it is one of the two? options on the setup page.

Problem Solved. It was kind of a mishap on our part. We made a custom camera mount. It fit so snug that it was perpetually holding down the big reset button on the back of the camera. After we rectified the mount and reconfigured the camera, the camera feed appeared. Thank You for all of your support.