SmartDashboard bandwidth?

In CVR week 1, we were advised to not use the SmartDashboard. Is it because it exceeds the bandwidth limit? Could this also be the reason for the same issue that I heard of in another regional (I think NYC)?

That is rumor on the street at least. My question is how do we turn off the smart dashboard portion of the dashboard file? I still would like to use Camera feed but want to get rid of the smart dashboard. Does this involve removing the bind function in the dashboard project?

Yes, in NYC Week 2 they determined field comm issues due to too much bandwidth use on the SmartDashboard and made everyoneturn it off. Even teams that made their own Dashboard. So no cameras were allowed.

The issue in Central Valley and other week 1 events was due to the C++ Smart Dashboard library, fixed here: Make sure you install the update before your next event.

There appears to be another issue at NYC, possibly due to camera bandwidth. I’m sure when FIRST gets to the root cause, we’ll find out.

I got the update and we were still advised not to use the SmartDashboard.

The C++ library update wasn’t released until after the Week 1 competitions.

It was given to us on a flash drive and we were told to install it and redownload code. They just didn’t know what it fixed.

I was a CSA at this event. We had to give the update out in the middle of the event to all teams using C++ and have them rebuild and redeploy code. Once this was completed, the FTAs allowed teams to start using their dashboards again.

I am not aware of the other issues going on. Wait for official word from FIRST through team updates, the blog, or FRC Email Blasts for future updates.