SmartDashboard Camera Stream Viewer - Add a Line/Grid

My team just put a camera pointing at the front of our intake.

My mentor mentioned that it would be very helpful for the drivers if they could see some sort of crosshair/line/grid to help them line up with the balls.

Is there anyway I can do that in the code?

Any kind of help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Use Shuffleboard.

The built in camera stream widget has the options to put the cross hair on.

Edit to add, I think the crosshair is set to show by default, so just adding the widget should do what you want. In case you weren’t familiar with how to do that here’s a sample that will most likely work (untested code):

Shuffleboard.getTab("DriverTab").add("Intake View", new UsbCamera("intake", 0))
            .withPosition(0, 0)
            .withSize(3, 3);

That should put a camera stream on a tab in shuffleboard that is size 3x3 tiles, placing it on the top left of that tab.

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