SmartDashboard connection issue but not the regular kind

So this year we are using an Intel NUC on our robot to do vision processing and everything is going great but the NUC’s SmartDashboard just can’t see the cameras. When I am remote desktop into to NUC I can ping the camera and view the video stream in the browser, but SmartDashboard is still “no connection”
Yes anonymous access is enabled.
The exact same code works with the same camera when I’m just on my laptop.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Perhaps the Camera widget is configured for an incorrect IP address for some reason? On the SmartDashboard, click View -> Editable, then right-click the Camera widget, select Properties, and verify the IP address of the camera.

No the ip is fine. Perhaps it has something to do with the NUC having haswell.

Does anyone know if the openCV and JavaCV libraries that SmartDashboard is based on are haswell compatible?

It should also be noted that on my laptop running SmartDashboard.jar also has no connection and is throwing an unsatisfied link error
However, on my laptop SmartDashboard.exe works just fine.

… This is raising more questions than it’s answering :confused: