SmartDashboard CPU Usage?

Hello everyone!

I was in the process of setting up a new DS laptop today and noticed that the SmartDashboard (java) is taking up 31% of our CPU & 1.4 GB of RAM at idle with no elements on the dashboard (confirmed with File>New). This laptop has a Core i7-6600U with 16GB of RAM, so the fact that it is consuming more than an entire core is alarming. Is this normal?

More details are shown in the screenshot below:

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

EDIT: I noticed the behavior started when I added a CameraServer stream viewer to the dashboard. Clicking File>New to clear the dashboard doesn’t appear to solve the CPU use problem.

Hmm. The interesting part is that the CPU usage spikes when the laptop is not even connected to the robot, just with the viewer present on the dashboard.

I’ve also noticed some occasional performance drops while running the smart dashboard, especially if I also have the roborio webpage, eclipse, etc. also open.