SmartDashboard Crashing

Is anyone else having trouble getting the 2016 installed SmartDashboard to stay loaded? My SmartDashboard is crashing upon loading (including when opening from the wpilib/tools directory). I’m not sure where to locate any logs about the problem. Old 2015 versions of SmartDashboard work (but won’t interface with the latest DS) and the SFX/RobotBuilder apps load fine.

If anyone ran into this problem and have any troubleshooting ideas to try, let me know!

The first troubleshooting step would be to run it from a command prompt so you can get a crash backtrace:

  1. Run cmd.exe. This should open a command prompt to your home directory (C:\Users.…).
  2. “cd wpilib ools”
  3. “java -jar SmartDashboard.jar”

This should start up SmartDashboard with console output, printing things like “No Extension Folder” and “platform: /Windows/amd64/”. When the crash occurs, you should get a backtrace or at least something output… and post it here!

Hi Peter, nice to hear from you.

See attached image. It appears to have to do with loading the widgets. Would this indicate an issue with my Java install? Do I need to install an update to a plug-in? (I already downloaded all the FRC java plugin updates)

Did you install the plugins released today? It had a change that may fix this.

Resolved! Yeah today’s plugin updated fixed it! Thanks for the heads up.