smartdashboard.exe not working

well, my students want to learn Java over the summer and figure out if they want to make a break from LV. Things are going generally well (really well!), but having a SmartDashboard problem.

Downloaded the 1.05 Smartdashboard installer from WPI and installed it. Followed instruction to modify FRC DS Data Storage.ini. Don’t get the SmartDashboard (any dashboard!).

So, I go to \Program Files\SmartDashboard and double click on the .exe. Nothing happens.

Open a command window, cd there and run it. Nothing.

java -jar SmartDashboard.jar brings it up.

What did I do wrong so that Smartdashboard.exe does not work? Running Windows 7 64-bit…

The setup tab on the driver station has radio buttons for default, LV, Java, and C++. They run different command lines typical to how the dev environments are setup and you shouldn’t have to do the ini change unless your are pretty customized.

The default button runs the ini command line that defaults to the Program Files\FRC Dashboard\Dashboard.exe.

The LabVIEW button runs from where a Getting Started window template will place its build.

Java and C++ buttons both run java -jar from the two unique locations that the installer places them for the language.

Greg McKaskle

nothing is printed?

The smartdashboard installer doesn’t go into any of those locations and needs the ini edited per The smart dashboard installer is required to make a vision processing extension.

Joe: correct. Nothing is printed; just comes back to the command prompt.

Did some hunting, it appears that SmartDashboard.exe has a dependency on having a 32-bit JRE installed. Put down a 32 bit JRE alongside the 64-bit, now when I run SmartDashboard.exe, the SmartDashboard comes up fine.

Make sure to follow the directions at the bottom of Joe’s link above if you run into trouble with the vision plugin on the SD.

The smartdashboard installer doesn’t go into any of those locations

Well thats news to me. The dates on those are beyond the DS, so it looks like someone decided on a new location and the DS was still using the old location that I was given. I consider it a bug and will see if we can get it corrected for the new season. Maybe this time it will stay put.

Greg McKaskle

The SD client is included with the C++ and Java language updates in the locations the DS looks.

The standalone installer (which is needed to use the vision plugins) installs the SD into a folder in Program Files.