SmartDashboard forgetting layout

Hi guys!
SmartDashboard is not saving its layout after shutdown. Even through making a manual save, the created XML file is left blank. Have any of you had this problem or found a solution?


I ran into a similar (maybe the same) problem last week, and the only way I could find to fix it was to recreate the layout from scratch.

To see if it is the same error, run the SmartDashboard from the console and see if it throws a NullPointerException when you try to save. The stack trace could be useful to help figure out the real cause of the problem.

We found that more complicated layouts that caused the layout file size to be larger than 8k would not reliably be saved. We were using RobotBuilder and stopped having it create dashboard buttons as a default. This has been true for a couple of years, but we have not had a problem since making simpler layouts.

We found that the “Would you like to save your layout” prompt and the “Save As” menu item to not work; upon restarting SmartDashboard the “default” layout would always exist. Try instead to use the simple “Save” button, we’ve found that it works reliably on all of our laptops, as well as on the laptops of a few other teams.