Smartdashboard is Troublesome

When the code for our robot is first compiled, the SmartDashboard works and displays all the information as needed, most importantly our variable “throttle”. However, as soon as we activate the robot, the entire SmartDashboard becomes blank, showing no variables and disallowing me from creating widgets.


SmartDashboard.putNumber(“throttle”, throttle);

When we compile and run our code, SmartDashboard won’t even open…would you be willing to post your code for others to see?
EDIT: Wow, just noticed you did post part of your code at the bottom. Sorry! Still, would you be willing to post the entire thing? Alos, what version of SmartDashboard are you using and where did you download it from? Any and all info is helpfull. Thanks!!

On the driver station so you have java selected?

A new SmartDashboard is being developed for next season I believe. We should see a lot of improvement :slight_smile:

We’ve been selecting C++ since thats what our robot code was written in, but now that you mention it, selecting the language SmartDashboard is written in (Java) makes much more sense. Thanks!

The SmartDashboard is included with the language update for C++ and Java. If you do not have the Workbench update installed on the computer you are using as a DS the SmartDashboard will not launch. You can either install the Workbench update or follow the instructions for using the standalone SmartDashboard installer:

Are you sure you’re enabling it in teleop mode? What you’re describing sounds like the dashboard going into test mode. Check your teleopPeriodic and autonomousPeriodic, and make sure they don’t include this line:;

The driver station buttons just select what directory/program is the dashboard program that the driver station starts. So if you have the java plugins installed on the computer then select “Java” and it will start the dashboard as <userdir>/sunspotfrcsdk/tools/smartdashboard.jar.

Where in your program are you writing the throttle value? Make sure it’s somewhere where it’s continuously being executed so it will always be sending the current value.

I’m not exactly sure why it’s disappearing from the screen unless, as was suggested, you’re running in “Test” mode which puts up a different screen on the dashboard. Teleop and Autonomous modes will display on the same screen, so be sure you’re updating the value from both of those paths.