SmartDashboard Issues

Hello, my team has been trying to put data onto the smartDashboard with the following code:
We first import SmartDashboard and the call SmartDashboard.init() to initialize. We then use:

SmartDashboard.PutNumber("Name", number)

to write to the dashboard. Using TableViewer, we can see that all of the values we are writing are properly being transmitted. However, none of our values are showing up in the SmartDashboard. Our connection indicator even shows green.

We are using robotpy 2013.2 and the latest version of SmartDashboard. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Hm. It should work… I can’t think of any good reasons why it wouldn’t work. It’s been working for us. Your code is running, correct?

Do you have it configured correctly with your team number in preferences? You might also check to see if any variables are present in the View -> Reveal portion of the SmartDashboard. Also, Another thought is to remove the settings file for SmartDashboard, and start it up again to see if that fixes it.

I just uploaded RobotPy 2013.3 to FirstForge, try that too and let me know. It also has the mandatory C++ updates included, so you should run that anyways.