smartdashboard legal in driver account?

We want to use the SmartDashboard with Java instead of the default Dashboard application, since it is much easier to deal with in Java. I figured out how to run SmartDashboard in the Driver account on the classmate by using CRTL-ALT-DEL to open Task Manager and start Windows Explorer, but is that legal for the competition? In other words, are you allowed to run other applications in the Driver account besides the Driver Station and Dashboard? If not, that would be a real pain to have to program the Dashboard application with Java.

Do you have an executable that can be run that starts your Dashboard up?

You can specify what the Driver Station starts.

You might also try setting it up as a startup task.

One of my teammates made a launcher for it. He posted it at
He just updated it, so unless a new release happens within the next couple of days, you should be all set.