SmartDashboard Live Window shows blank Subsystems in Test Mode

My team has been working on our practice Robot sometime and have come up on a snag in our progress.

On Friday we were able to drive and test our robot without issue before we left for the night.

However when we came back in on Saturday when I started up the robot and went into test mode, the Live Window in Smart Dashboard showed the names of my subsystems however there was nothing in the actual subsystems.

I have tried Formatting/Re-imaging the Roborio and reinstalling Java on it.

I have tried running it on a different laptop with the same result.

Our drivers station is windows 10 laptop.

I have gone through the troubleshooting steps that I could find including turning off the firewall on the computer.

I have had this issue happen before, but I was able to switch computers and it was fine. However this doesn’t fix it now.

If anybody has any suggestions for fixing this any help would be appreciated.

Also if this has already been posted/answered or I didn’t provide enough information I do apologize.


I have posted this question last year and a week ago. It is very aggravating.

If you start the SmartDashboard, without the Smartdashboard.xml file it will not remember your saved layout and the Test Mode will again work as expected.

I have made batch procedures to rename smartdashboard.xml to preserve the layout, then do the Test Mode stuff. Then another batch procedure to restore smartdashboard.xml.

smartdashboard.xml is normally in the same folder as smartdashboard.

I hope your post gets better attention than mine.

If you can create a minimal test case or set of instructions that reproduces the problem reliably, file an issue at

So when you had this issue, did it cause the robot to not function in teleop as expected? What happens for me is it partially disables my robot and parts that rely on encoders.

You sir are a life saver! I simply removed the smartdashboard.xml file that I had saved (I didn’t really need it because I haven’t yet created the dashboard the way I want it) and just like that, everything came back to life!


The problem of the Smart Dashboard showing blank widgets in the test mode has not been addressed. This is the third year.

We use the Robot Builder and the SmartDashboard in Test Mode a lot during the initial testing. It is annoying when someone inadvertantly saves the layout, then the Test Mode widgets are blank the next time we use SmartDashboard.

Will this ever get fixed?

Shuffleboard is replacing SmartDashboard and is receiving all our development effort. SmartDashboard getting fixed is unlikely.