SmartDashboard not connecting?

Hi all, maybe you can shed some light on my problem. I seem to not be able to send data to the SmartDashboard.

I’m writing this year’s code in Java, here is the code I am attempting to run:

package edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.templates;

import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.SimpleRobot;
import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.smartdashboard.SmartDashboard;

public class RobotTemplate extends SimpleRobot {

public void autonomous() {
SmartDashboard.putDouble(“joyAngle”, 7.0);

public void operatorControl() { }

I deploy this code and run “C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard\Launcher.bat”. If I add a Connection Indicator it stays red regardless of all my attempts to connect it.

If I write the code using the SmartDashboard vi’s in LabView (by changing the sample Dashboard), the labView will show the battery level, so it has some type of connection, but using the Get SmartDashboard Number function, I can’t access the Network Table.
Although if I call Set SmartDashboard Number and Get SmartDashboard Number both on the LabView Dashboard, I can access the previously set value. Same if I do it in the Java code on the robot.
It seems to me that the two SmartDashboards can’t connect, which makes sense with the network indicator indicating the way it does.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Have you tried the things on this page:

Make sure that the team number is set in the SmartDashboard. You can verify that the robot program is working using the TableViewer application as described on that page.


I’ll try that exact code when I get in tomorrow.

I know that I have the IP address configured correctly on the Driver Station, and I entered “23” when asked for my team number for the SmartDashboard. I have no problems connecting to the robot in any other regard.

Curiously, I do not have a ~/sunspotfrcsdk/tools/ folder, although I do have other folders in ~/sunspotfrcsdk. Do you know what installation creates that folder, as I might be missing that. I have installed Java, NetBeans, the 6 NetBeans Plugins (from the xml file hosted by WPI), and the most recent SmartDashboard Installer from this page

Can I get any other opinions on this? I’m a remote programming mentor this year, and can help them with programming concepts, but rely on the students to get the tools installed. What is supposed to be in this tools folder? Can someone doing java post a screenshot?


Have you put the robot in autonomous and enabled it, so that the the data gets put to the SmartDashboard?

The 2012 plugins did not have a tools folder (I’m pretty sure). The 2013 plugins do. Are you sure you’re using the 2013 plugins? The current version is 2013.0.417. The update location changed. See

If you use the 2013 Smart Dashboard with a robot with 2012 java, it will not connect. Alternately, if you downloaded Smart Dashboard 1.02 from that page, and use it with a robot with 2013 java, it won’t connect.

What was the result of testing Brad’s suggestions?

Thanks to your help I now have all the tools (which were installed when I fixed the problem, and I suspect my code will work now)

It turns out that the NetBeans plugin xml file linked to by the “Getting Started” PDF I’m using is for 2012.

If anyone reading this (now or in the future) has any sway with the Java NetBeans Plugins, I suggest putting the build season year in the URL for the plugins.

I have been experiencing the same problem, but while we have yet to run the test program, I have followed all of these steps. Any suggestions?:confused:

Double check that your NetBeans Plugin URL is (note how it ends in update/Release/updates.xml, Last year’s (2012) plugins ended in update/updates.xml)
That was the problem for me.