Smartdashboard SFX corrupt save files

Our team has been using the new SFX dashboard and absolutely loving it.

However, we have discovered that it currently seems to save layout files in a corrupt fashion.

We haven’t been able to quite puzzle out a rhyme or reason; I’ve had students triaging and they haven’t deduced anything yet. The symptoms appear to be that the fxml file ends up with null bytes instead of spaces at the header. (That is, at byte 7, I believe, where an old save file has spaces, the new one has nuls).

Old save files load, and they apparently were able to make one save file that worked, but then couldn’t reproduce it.

Effectively, they don’t have the ability to save and reload a layout.

I’m going to have them try a full wipe and reinstall of SFX. I believe they installed Java 8 (I see the instructions say Java 7, but I’m hoping that’s not a real issue).

Any other clues or ideas?

(I cloned the source, but I’m not a Ruby guy, so it’s been slow reading for me; help is appreciated).