SmartDashboard taking time to bring up the camera feed?

At the LA regional our SmartDashboard would take a variable amount of time before it started showing our camera feed. Sometimes we would have video at the start of the match, other times it could be up to 1 minute into the match before the video feed started working. We couldn’t find a “pattern” to it, it was always a different amount of time.

We resorted to actually opening a web browser to the camera feed! It would always come up right away. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas to solve it?


Do you restart SmartDashboard before each round? I instruct our drivers not to open SmartDashboard until we have connected to our robot and in general it doesn’t take more than 5 seconds until we have a camera feed displayed.

Good to hear, that is actually what we were planning to try at our next regional.

Jared, are you using the classmate for your driver station or something more powerful? If you’re not using the classmate could you tell me some stats on the laptop such as what OS are you using, 64bit/32bit, cpu, etc).

We are not using the Classmate. We are using a Core i5 laptop with 6gb RAM running Windows 7 (I don’t remember if it is 32 bit or 64). It cost us about ~$600 at the beginning of the season.

We will also try adding a button to our camera widget that begins the connection loop - that should have the same result as restarting the dashboard every match.