SmartDashBoard unused objects

I have taken on the role mentoring two new programmers on the team in what is my first year with FRC. I’m learning too the system and tools available. What I have noticed is when I have the two different programmers who are on different laptops with similar but different code test (i.e. caps vs lowercase, underscores, or miss spellings) that when the next coder downloads their code into the robot and we observe the Smartdashboard we see many of the others items they sent to their Smartdashboard. I have been reading may threads on how the Robot and Smartdashboard shares data through Network tables and have either read past or missed how to clear the table. I’m assuming the “Key Name” is not found so a new “key” is created. I tried powering down the robot and clicking new on the Smartdashboard but will little luck. We have found at times with undocumented sequence of events the Smartdashboard does clear unused items. How do I clear the Smartdashboard keys of unused items?

In the typical use case, every Network Tables variable gets replicated to the NT server (the robot) and each NT client program (e.g. Dashboard). As long as at least one program is running, a variable will persist indefinitely.

The simplest way to remove an obsolete NT variable is to restart both the robot and the dashboard at the same time, so that neither of them is able to copy the variable to the other.

This is described in the smartdashboard documentation

Thanks for the link. This explains why exactly what I’m experiencing. I read a lot of pages on the smart dashboard. My attention span was waning. by the end of most papers.