SmartDashboard with Iterative?

Just out of curiosity, is it possible to use smartdashboard with interative? (Without the commandbase parts). If it is possible, how?
Having tried to use commandbase several times, i find myself switching back to Iterative, and then deciding to rewrite commandbase because smartdashboard makes everything so much more convenient.

You simply write a SmartDashboardData class and use SmartDashboard.putData to send custom objects to the SmartDashboard.

On the driver station side you create a widget that registers for the type that you are sending.

Doesn’t doing that in commandbase automatically create a widget? So are you saying that with iterative, you would have to create a widget manually?

You can use SmartDashboard without using the command parts of WPILibJ.

For instance, you can put doubles in by using SmartDashboard.putDouble(…) and take them out by using SmartDashboard.getDouble(…)