Posted by Steve Alaniz at 03/08/2001 10:25 AM EST

Other on team #57 from Houston Regional co-ordinator.

…If you sent in an application and have not gotten
your card please send an e-mail to: Kim Wolochek at
[email protected]

Kim will look up the application and see if there had
been a card issued and if it was sent out… ALSO she
has informed me that some card were returned because of
BAD addresses. PLease include your mailing address in
the e-mail.
One last note… even I have an SME card and it was
pretty painless but I did indicate I didn’t want to
become an engineer…(ok, ok so I don’t exactly fit the
target profile… I’m a cartoonist for crying out
loud… not too many of us build Martian probes…)
So you don’t have to tell them your true future plans
if you consider that personal information… but if Dan
Golden of N.A.S.A doesn’t call you for help when they
need you to save the international space station and
become a hero/heroine all because he couldn’t find you
on the FIRST/SME database… (Just kidding!)

Best luck to all teams!
Steve Alaniz