I’d like to remind everyone that we are no able to register for SME cards. I believe the cards will be a valuable asset due to a high security risk. They actually may be used this year.

what? SME is still going on from what my sources tell me…ur post is kind of confusing…can u clear that up at all?

i think the ‘no’ should be ‘now,’ not ‘not’. no? :wink:

lol thats exactly what i want to know

Ok. For those who are wondering about the SME cards, you’ll have to visit the FIRST site. On the first site, there’s a link to register for the SME site and that’s where you can get your cards. The site will tell you everything you’ll need to know.

yeah i know that…thats old news…but the way u made it sound is that SME stopped the cards because of a high security thing…