Smithville High School 2018-2019 High School Chemistry/Physics Teacher

Smithville High School (Home of team 1806) is looking for a new high school physics and chemistry teacher to replace one of our current mentors who’s moving on to other opportunities outside of teaching, and outside the area.

The job description, requirements, and application is here:

In addition to what’s outlined on the page above, upon assuming this position, one could become a mentor of team 1806:


  • Good food on build season weekends (Parent prepared)
  • Yearly IRI
    entries since 2014
  • Access to T-Shirts that make the uninitiated nervous

In addition,there are benefits implicit to being in the Kansas City Area:

  • Potential to get Google Fiber if commuting from nearby places such as Liberty or Zona Rosa
  • Experience in wildly varying weather
  • Low cost of living
  • BBQ

So, if you’re interested, apply, apply, apply.

Can confirm, BBQ is the #1 best amenity that KC has to offer. Only seconded by cheap gigabit internet, but $@#$@#$@#$@# there’s some good barbeque around here.