"Smokey Bot" Team 1989 Off season project 1

One of our off season projects is “Smokey Bot”. There is a “Smokey’s” In town which is a local Bar and Grill and the owner is one of our sponsors and wanted a Greater bot. The video in the link below was shot at a “progress report visit” The robot is about 2.5 foot tall and about 12x12 inch has 3 motors (gear motors) with 3 Talon SR controllers we had left over from multiple kits as we are using the Talon srx exclusiviely. It is controlled by a raspberry PI. It has a touch screen display that display “special of the day” which is basically a web site hosted on an onboard web server on the PI. That also allows controlling the robot over the lan with another web site and streeming of video and audio from the robot and streaming audio to the robot so the robot can either great an approaching customer under “autonomous” or be remote controlled via the web interface. Well the kids are working really hard to finish it before the season. Its almost done just some pesky wiring left to do. The robots body is 3d Printed and there is about 4 kg of filament in it - mostly PETG. The LED’s in the mouth are controlled by a custom VOX circuit we designed, built and tested and blinks to the beat of the audio so it looks as its lips are moving. Arms move up and down and head left and right. Here is the link