Smooth ground/carpet contact - rounded durable plastic foot?

Being able to use the ground as a touchdown constraining plane for a robot arm picking game pieces up from the ground could be helpful, but clearly it must be done without damaging the carpet.

We’ve considered a polycarb “foot” for touching down, with sides bent up so it slides, but since the contact angle may vary (our arm has an extender function), I think a ball shape might be better (almost like the ball-shaped feet one sees on some old heavy furniture).

I think a hard nylon ball-shaped foot might be ideal, but curious what others might have devised. We have a Markforged 3D printer - wondering if a high-infill Onyx ball foot would hold up.

Interesting, we were just going to run our polycarb out more. Just 2 rounded edges that extend slightly further out than the rollers to hit the ground.
Picture of 111’s intake for reference.

As long as you’re running polycarb and deburr the edges, you should be fine. Of course it does heavily depend on your arm design and this may not work is your particular case.

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I’ve seen teams use free-spinning omni wheels for this purpose. They can spin freely in any direction without having to worry about catching on the carpet.

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I had this thought after making my post. Agree it could work well. Thanks.

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