Snake bots slithering in

For a while I’ve had my head stuck on snake bots. The motion they can achieve plus their ability to be amphibious is absolutely stunning. So anyways I came across these two links and I know everyone here loves a cool robot so here. Take a look at his models and his use of motors, amazing! A clip I came across on hack a day today. Any comments, thoughts, or (even better) links to other snake bots?

Gavin Miller, who puts together the Snakebots page, is one of the early developers of serpentine robotics. His work goes back to the early 1990’s when he was still at Apple Computer, and developed algorithms for serpentine motion that were originally used to showcase Quicktime 3D as a tool for animation and simulation work. If you want to look at some even earlier work that was really pioneering, check out the research by Shigeo Hirose at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Dr. Hirose has probably been doing this longer than anyone else).

Here are a few more:

There are several web directories regarding serpentine robotics and biomorphic systems that will probably of interest as well. One of the best is the Collection of Snake-Like Robots.


I passed up some video from Professor Hirose’s lab. I was awestruck by this snakelike robot in water and the dates that some of his inventions were built !

A several of robots from FIRST mentors (and Judges) at Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva.



My brother and his team at Cornell University are currently working on serpentine surgical arms. I don’t think they’ve published any information online yet, though.