SNEAC Deadline on Friday

Teams in Southern New England, the deadline to register for the second annual SNEAC is on Friday. If every team can only send one member we will be able to make a huge impact in our states.

What is SNEAC?
SNEAC (Southern New England Advocacy Conference) is an event where we get the local teams to talk to their state representatives. We do this by explaining the process, give you talking points, and also help you schedule meetings with your representatives.

The conference is on Sunday, February 24th and on Tuesday the 26th you will go to your statehouse to talk to your representatives about funding FIRST in the state. If you can’t get out of school on the 26th it is still worth coming so you can learn all the valuable skills you need.

If we get enough people from across the states we will make a huge impact in the state capital and the more likely we will get legislation through to fund teams.

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