Sneak Peak at S.W.A.T's Two-Cube Auto


Here’s a little taste of S.W.A.T.'s Two-Cube Auto Routine

See you at Heartland and the Oklahoma Regional!

wow go my team

Y’all have canes in Missouri? That place is the bomb!

Oh yeah, and cool canes sauce robot.


Pretty awesome. Tested it against a scale balanced against you? That’s bound to happen eventually.

EDIT: The Cane’s logo is clearly in the NULL ZONE, but is your bumper? Otherwise you’re getting dinged for that launch.

Yeah it’ll go at a maxed scale height. The robot does cross the null zone, no launches getting dinged here

Nice n’ crispy auto :stuck_out_tongue:

Brought to you by Raising Cane’s? We are so lucky that we are at GKC instead of Heartland this year. Best of Luck!

Great now I’m hungry. Thanks.

We are gonna miss playing with and against y’all this year, but who knows, I think there are still some openings at KC? We’ve had some great matches over the years. We came so close to winning KC together in 2014 in an awesome set of 3 finals matches that came down to the wire at the very end.

Us too, 2014 was a crazy year. We’ll likely be seeing you at MO State, Cowtown and hopefully worlds.

Nice two cube auto were still tuning ours but glad Someone setthe bar already with it

Great work guys. I look forward to seeing you guys at Houston Champs. Hope your season goes well so that may come to fruition. Good luck this season.

We are crossing our fingers that we can make our first trip down to the Houston championship this year. We would love to have the chance to play with y’all again, and maybe have a repeat of our past success.