SNEAK PEAK (team 56 robot)

Heres a link to a picture of our robot in the Gallery.

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Brian Team 56

Hey Brian/team 56

Nice robot.

Its about time i get to see it in action!

For the latest pics of team 222’s CLAW see:

Wow. You guys are almost done I see. Unfortunately we had exams the first week after the Kick-Off. So bascially we did nothing the first week. So, we are a week behind. But we are making progress as well.

Check out some of our pictures:

There’s no pictures of our current robot, only us workin on it. Cuz we don’t wanna give away the design :wink:

Interesting design. Are those rollers that are shooting out the balls into the goal suppose to be the front of the robot, or are they the side?

The top roller is on the sides. For what reason you will have to wait to find out or Private message me and if I’m feeling nice enough I may tell you LoL

Brian Team 56

Hmm…nothing I haven’t seen. :wink: It’s really cool Brian, I can’t wait to see it at the LI Regional. :slight_smile:


Kinda looks like a chairlift all rolled up into a 3 foot area.
Looks cool. Where will you be? VCU, Nats?

We will be attending
New Jersey Mid-Atlantic Regional
SPBLI Long Island Regional
Championship Event

Brian Team 56

Brian that is a very nice design. I am going to show it to my design team . They thought it couldnt be built and shot it down as too hard.

In other words your team didnt want to do that design but you came up with the idea?

Brian Team 56