I don’t know how many of you ever ween or heard of Not Neccesarily the News which ran in the 80’s on HBO but my favorite segment was teh sniglets. A sniglet is a word that should be in the dictionary but isn’t.
My favorite was Prekeynition - When you take your car keys out of your pocket and hold them in your hands before you even get outside the building to your car.
I came across some good IT based sniglets:

alpha geek - the most knowledgeable, technically proficient person in an office or work group.

analog-retentive - those people who obstinately cling to outmoded technology.

AlzIMers - forgetting who you’re talking to and typing in the wrong IM window.

animousity - vigorously clicking your pointer device because a page is loading too slowly. See also: screen spasm - pages that try to load simultaneously on your computer screen as a direct result of your animousity.

AOL-WOL - disappearing from an IM conversation without notice.

backronym - an IT term whose letters once had no meaning, but have since come to stand for something-or-other.

blamestorming - sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.

cellphonic appraisal - the activity that occurs when a ringing cell phone causes everyone in the room to check and see if it’s theirs.

crapplet - a poorly written or totally useless Java applet.

cinderellaware - software (demo or shareware) which becomes useless after a trial period unless the user pays for and registers it.

cube farm - an office filled with cubicles.

dopeler effect - the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

dot gone - last year’s e-commerce hopeful.

e-dundancy - sending someone an e-mail at the same time you’re having an IM conversation with them

execuglide - to maneuver oneself around the room while seated in a wheeled office chair.

faxcess - having access to a fax machine.

faxcination - staring intently at the fax machine because you’re waiting for a fax to come through.

fonesia - the affliction that strikes when you dial a phone number and forget whom you were calling just as they answer.

fUtility - a 3rd party utility that won’t install no matter how closely one follows the instructions.

gadaboutag - the orphan HTML tag that’s messing up your page.

IMdecision - repeatedly erasing an IM text box because you change your mind about what you want to say.

multiasking - communicating with someone through multiple channels at the same time

Macrimination - the automatic assumption that whatever is wrong is caused by the Mac on the network.

negabytes per second (NBps) - a measure of data transfer that seems so slow it can only be assumed to be flowing backwards.

ohnosecond - that very short moment in time during which you realize that you have pressed the wrong key and deleted hours, days, or weeks of work.

oxoxomoron - a person who includes symbolic “hugs and kisses” at the end of their e-mail.

percussive maintenance - the fine art of whacking the crap of of an electronic device to get it to work again.

phenomenot - the Latest, Greatest, wizz-bang whatever that’s not what it’s proclaimed to be.

phenomenut - the guy who runs right out and buys phenomenots.

prairiedogged - the feeling of helplessness that overtakes you when co-workers in neighboring cubicles constantly pop their heads up to ask you stupid questions.

Questfallen - reaction to the realization that your MapQuest directions have failed you.

random excess memory - memory you were talked into buying in order to solve some problem that never did get resolved.

screenager - an intern in the IT department.

spamouflage - an intentional typo, such as Vikagra, used by spammers to fool spam filters.

unstant messaging - minimizing your IM window when your boss walks by.

WAPathy - lack of interest in wireless technology.

zen mail - an e-mail message that arrives without text in the message body.

I wonder what would be good FIRST sniglets?

my favorite sniglet has become obsolete

Superflograph: a photo you took of things or people you normally wouldnt, to use up the rest of the film in a camera. (if you do this now with a digital camera you have issues!)

and I’m sure someone has.
I guess you can call it something like Digorettes Syndrome I suppose.

More good ones!

Wow, Ed, you’re going pre-history for most of the students here!

NNTN was one of my favorite shows for their satirical view of the world. I hurt my sides frequently by laughing so much at their humor.

I think the photo doesn’t include the “inventor” of the sniglet though. Wasn’t it Rich Hall who would do the Sniglet segment? And the other actors would act through the definition of it.

That was him.
I came up with a couple of FIRST sniglets:

CIMsomnia - The Sleepless nights spent working on the robot before shipping day.

Dewtoxification- The adrenelin sapping breaks taken between matches on the Archemedies field during the finals for speeches and awards.

The FIRST sniglet for today is:
Premtive Geeking - The art od anionting a champion for the comming FIRST season before the build season even begins -usually by an overstimulated nuebie(can also apply to asking for pictures of teams robots- the day after kickoff).

So, does that apply to pre-season Fantasy FIRST participants as well? :rolleyes:

De-assigned: When DK askes where you are going next year (college, new job, new city) and then personally assigns YOU the task of starting a FIRST team there. You thought you were starting a new job… but now you have been De-assigned, and your real mission is starting a new team!

this sounds like fun…

roBoutify – the art of making a robot look more aesthetic

Semi-colon cancer – the disease received after spending too much time writing lines of programming code

nailed – what happens when you accidentally aim a piece of metal and the tip of your forefinger instead of the intended object

mistape – the unintended/accidental videotaping of the robot when it ends up taking off for no reason
afterbath** – the shock received after leaving robotics that arrives while washing yourself in the bathtub
mistrusst** – not believing that the beams of the robot will sufficiently support the robot and withstand outer forces

street-whys – the quality belonged those who walk down the street wondering why the robot’s autonomous code did not work the way they intended it to be
Motored** – what happens to a team that got completely torn apart by an opponents strong drivetrain

that’s it for now. the mental juice is running but I’m afraid I’ll go on forever

awespectation: deliberately sitting in the row behind your team at the opening ceremony of the championship, because you remember what happened last year when they sang the national anthem, and you dont want your team to see you all misty-eyed with a lump in your throat.

Holepacity: the ability of your cordless drill battery chargers to keep up with the demand for fresh batteries while you continuously drill holes in your robot. Usage: We need to buy two more Bosch drills to increase our holepacity.

Xshrillophone: holding a large diameter piece of metal rod lightly by its center and striking the end (like a giant nail) to make an ultrasonic shrill bell like sound. Usage: Anyone caught playing the Xshrillophone in the pit area will be escorted to the nearest exit.

Poofism: The condition that where when you see any poof product you scream and erratically search for the “in-demand” poof product.

iMPossibity: when MP lab has an unexplainable or obscure error.

CAMpaign - Physical or mental pain when trying to get the CMU cam to work.

**Snigletized: ** When someone comes up with a sniglet that describes something you do frequently, or a characteristic that you possess.

Swisscheeseafy - Cutting holes in the robot to decrease weight

REPossesed: when someone on chief delphi takes away all the rep that they had given you previously.

NightVision: when you wake up in the middle of the night and you see the answer to the problem that has been eluding you all day. Usually happens during a competition.

Lobbying: sitting in the hotel lobby at 4am with your laptop computer, implementing your NightVison code updates, so you dont wake up your roommate.

Breakgorge: stuffing food in your face at the hotel buffet like a ravenous beast, because you are starving after Lobbying all night, and you cant wait to get back in the pits to try your NightVision Revisions.

Snorked: a state of being, consisting of walking around at a regional in a sleep deprived fog because your roomate snored all night like a Shop Vac sucking down BUCKETS OF WARM JELLO! Usage: Whats wrong with Ken? Did he fall off the bus? No, he’s Snorked!

Snork-apnea: spontainiouslyfalling asleep face first in your pizza at lunch because your roomate snored all night like a Shop VAC sucking down BUCKETS OF WARM JELLO through a SCUBA DIVERS SNORKEL - AGAIN!

Snorkaphobe: someone who cannot pay attention during the kickoff event because they are already obsessing over who will be their roomate at the regional, and whether or not they will end up getting SNORKED AGAIN THIS YEAR!

Eleparty: getting stuck in an elevator designed for 10 people, with 18 of your best friends for 2 hours, and making the best of it cause you aint going nowhere till the Otis guy arrives.

Noose File - the foolish act of posting incriminating acts via video, pictures or text on line of students doing something destructive or stupid in the shop, at the hotel or at the competitions without their mentors knowledge but now that they have indisputable proof they can punish them accordingly.