SnobotSim 2020

I’m pleased to announce SnobotSim for the 2020 season.

SnobotSim is a simulator for java robots. It automatically hooks any motors controllers or sensors you have on your robot, and has a display that allows you to hook them together to enable a decent enough simulation of motion traveled by motors. It isn’t good enough to tune a robot, but can give you a solid warm-and-fuzzy that your code to run your climber state machine, or your elevator ‘go to height’ controller, or your drivetrain trajectory driving is algorithmically sound.

This season, wpilib greatly extended the built in simulation framework, and has their own GUI. From my brief time playing around with it, here are a list of the differences:


  • The GUI alows you to connect/name/setup your sensors without having to modify any of your code. It is all stored in a configuration file
  • Has support for CTRE (TalonSRX, PigeonIMU), REV (SparkMax), and NavX third party libraries
  • Can easily run the simulator from the command line or an IDE without having to manually specify extensions to use
  • Since SnobotSim is “third party”, I can make updates and fix bugs to the simulator without forcing a new version of wpilib


  • Has C++ support (sorry, it fell off the backburner again)
  • Deals with the ADX family of gyros and accelerometers a little cleaner

My goal for the past couple of years was for SnobotSim to go away, and have it be handled by wpilib. A lot of progress was made, but until the third party companies provide simulation abilities, I will continue to make updates.

New Features for 2020

  • Better setup documentation
  • VS Code extension
    – Provides an easy way to add SnobotSim capabilities to your existing robot project
    – Provides a task to automatically download the latest SnobotSim config from my maven repo, so you don’t have to worry about manually updating version numbers
    – Provides a command to run the simulator from the command palette

Thanks for the update - will definitely check it out.

Hello, I’m interested in getting this setup. My team does not use VSCode, so the manual installation is preferable. For some reason, I get this error when running the snobot sim:

This leads me to believe that this install is incomplete. Based upon this information, there may be something to download and run from Github. Yet the only thing I see for the releases is a VSCode extension and some source code. Is there something else?

It turns out something is very different when I run the extension from an IDE vs the release that gets generated by CI. I haven’t really had time to look into it. But I’m guessing you had this same problem

I updated the issue have a zip file of the files that the extension is supposed to copy in for you.

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