'Snow Problem Robot in 1 Week/end 2017

`Snow Problem is pleased to announce that we will be participating in Robot in 1 Weekend (Ri1W) for the 2017-2018 FTC season! While we have been involved with Robot in 3 Days, we are excited to participate in Ri1W and challenge ourselves with this year’s game.

Robot in 1 Weekend
If you’re unfamiliar, Robot in 1 Weekend is an event where teams of people who are too old to participate in FTC build robots for the FTC game. Starting from kickoff, we have 36 hours to design, build and program a competitive robot.

Snow Problem Originally our Robot in 3 Days team,Snow Problem is a team of college students at the University of Minnesota. We are a project team of the student group GOFIRST. Members specifically involved with the Robot in 1 Weekend project primarily have some involvement in FTC but we come from a variety of backgrounds.

So what?
If you’re involved with an FTC team, love robots or just want to watch us do our thing, follow us on our sites. If you can’t watch live, we will also be posting documentation to our site after the build.
We will be streaming live on our Twitch over the whole weekend. Our robot reveal and other videos will be on our https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(http://twitch.tv/snowproblemz) over the whole weekend starting around 1PM CST. Our robot reveal and other videos will be on our http://i.imgur.com/xCDtlBl.pnghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(z.umn.edu/oneweekinvitational) at the EMCC to challenge FTC teams in creating a robot in a week. If you’re interested in helping we are looking for volunteers to help run this event!

We really enjoy participating in Robot in 3 Days and are super excited to venture into this territory. Best of luck to everyone in FTC season!

Note: A friend of mine tried to post this earlier this week but got caught in the approval queue, so that’s why it’s so late :slight_smile: