Snow, Snow, Snow!!!!

There is snow about 9in in Delaware right now at 1:00pm eastern time.
who else couldnt work on there robots today because of this evil white cold substance?

I live just north of DC, and we have over 11" (1:30 pm). I hear that it won’t stop until late monday, so no chance of getting in today or monday. I just hope we can get there early tuesday to finish boxing it up.

we were trying to build a stack of ‘snow boxes’ with snow packed into the totes…but it wouldn’t pack very well…

that would been a great picture!

NE PA is supposed to be hit this evening around midnight. I’ve heard everything from 2-3" to 14" :slight_smile: My guess is 3" As long as we have power, we’ll be okay :stuck_out_tongue:

(uhg…i’m dumb…it’s still evulish :slight_smile: i don’t feel like signing out then back in…so i’ll just be weedie for a little while…buah)

The snow won’t hit us until mid-morning. The NWS has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Monday through Monday night. We’re due for 4"-6".

we’ve got 2-3 feet predicted for our area.

By the way, see the weather channel a while ago?

NY 12-24 in

PA 1-2 ft

(They did this because us PA folks only can count as high as our fingers. (10))

I live in Sac, CA. So it doesn’t snow much. Last year we got some slush though :slight_smile:

it still hasnt stopped, at 9:15pm eastern time and there is gonig to be almost another foot tommrow.

cant work on bot with 3 feet of snow my dog cant pull a sled to our meeting place. and we might need her to help ship the bot cause fedex dosnt run in 3 feet of snow so dog sleds it must be

all right:

I hate my life :slight_smile:

– Here i am stuck in Detroit Mich. I’ve been putting up with 10 degree weather for two months now. FINALLY, it decides to snow. BUT NOOOOO… the weather god decides that we shouldn’t get any. Daaaa… I want to miss school :frowning:

Could anyone who’s getting a ton of it send some to Rochester Hills MI??? - please?? :]

*Originally posted by Jack *
**Could anyone who’s getting a ton of it send some to Rochester Hills MI??? - please?? :] **

Just be sure to direct it towards his end of Rochester Hills. I hate snow.

What kills me is the only people who ever seem to want snow are the ones who never see it. We poor folks in Rochester, New York have over 114 inches and sub-zero temperatures. I’ll gladly trade with any Californian, Floridian or Texan for a week. :slight_smile:

Oh no, I live in Louisiana and I’m perfectly content to be snow-less. Aaahh, it’s wonderful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. Snow is no matter! The last time I checked we had maybe 6"…but I have no idea. I woke up and an adult told me my car was moved so it wouldn’t get hit by the plow. I looked out the window and fell back onto my blanket :smiley: Many people made it in…and then there were people like me who didn’t actually leave. Around here, snow won’t stop much…trucks are common :smiley: We should still be able to get the crate to where we ship from.

Actually we were out in the courtyard (mall area under cover) out running (trying to anyway) in the field and it started to rain blowing in from the open sides. Water and electronics don’t mix and we had to call it a day. I hear you guys up north got blizzard warnings. Hope you all can get to the shop! (I’m originally from East Meadow, New York, out on Long Island…just east of Uniondale where the NY Islanders play at the Nassau Coliseum and where I believe the Goodwill Games took place in 1990s…after 1996- I know that much cause it was in planning when I moved to FL after graduating from 5th grade in June of 96) Have fun shoveling!

In Columbus there is over a foot of snow…maybe 16 inches! this is the most snow I’ve seen here in years! It’s ridiculous! I can’t get my car out of the parking lot so it’s just been sitting there getting buried under the snow! But it would definitly be fun to go snowboarding in it!

Here in RI, it started around 5am, and I think we have more than 6 inches already, and it’s still coming down hard. The NWS has now changed it to 6"-12".

STAND BACK! There’s a- well, you get the idea.

thank FIRST for that extinison we were thinks of sled dogs to ship

the snow was great!!! it gave us friday off of school and a FULL day to play w/ ROBOTS!!:cool:

Snow is crazy. This morning it took my brother twice the time to drive to the school for robotics. We ended up working on the robot for 12 hours today. Tt was interesting when we were trying to get out of the school parking lot, but at least it had stopped snowing.

The snow’s timing was very convenient. The 2 extra days are definitly going to be put to use…! :wink:

TEAM snowball fights are the best