Snowmageddon 2016

Just wondering who was caught up in the Snowmageddon across the eastern part of the United States and how you were able to overcome and still work? We were able to get a little 3D printing done on some parts.](

Hope there are no more hiccups throughout the rest of the season.

CAD. So much CAD.

Yep, CAD. GrabCAD is such a great tool for FRC.

Lots of Google hangouts and CAD for us… we’re definitely behind with prototyping now though.


Is it as bad as 2014?

We did a lot of CAD and a lot of studying (This week is midterms week)

I personally made this.

That is what 3ft of snow looks like.

In the video you can see a lot. To the left of CVS you can see the Cablevision global HQ which used to be a Grumman building. Behind it is what is left of Grumman Bethpage For context that where the Apollo 11 was built. In that gigantic lot you may be able to notice Gold coast studios and its time square backlot which is completely covered in snow. There are other things in the Grumman space but most are unimportant. On the other side of the video you see a lot of trees. What that is, is Bethpage State park home of the Bethpage Black golf course a world renowned golf course that has hosted PGA tours, and us opens.

Overall it stunk missing robotics but I did make a bit of money.

Very nice footage!

It isn’t during week 5, so no, at least not for us. Relocating our workspace to a mentors garage for three days was… interesting…

I was thinking the team that printed hubs for 30 hours would have done great to schedule the print with the storm. You could not receive hubs during that time even if you could work.

Are CAD was done in early second week .So the storm didn’t affect us we relocated to someone’s house to built several prototypes for mechanisms and assembled our chassis .Thinking we might possible have the weight to build a climber but that the lowest thing on our agenda at the moment

We have the same problems!!! We are from Jerusalem, and as it seems, the whole city is about to be shut down pretty much, because in Israel nobody is actually prepared for the winter. We are about to have some days in which we won’t have access to our lab, and we all live in different part of the city, so we don’t have any way to meet up and work. So do you have tips and ideas for thing that we can do other than CAD?


It was sunny and warm all weekend here in Southern California. The weather did make it difficult for us to go indoors all day for robotics, though :wink:

Kidding… the students’ final exams were all last week, which slowed things down quite a bit (plus SATs on Saturday). Glad we got all that out of the way! In past years finals came around Week 4, at just the worst possible time to have 75% of the team missing!

I think by the time it’s all said and done we’ll have missed 33 hours of shop time. That doesn’t count for the fact that the school may be adjusting their exam schedule to the point that it will also break our adjustments and push us up to ~40 hours lost.

At least this isn’t bag weekend or something else absurd, but we’ve gone from a few days ahead to winding up a week behind.

the average Canadian winter… :rolleyes:

lol! Yup, business as usual for us in Ottawa :wink:

To be fair, this has been an incredibly mild winter for us. For once.

Our workspace is always our lead mentor’s garage…:wink:

I just bought a new house… I haven’t even fully moved into it yet and our mentors have already been using my garage :stuck_out_tongue: