Snowy '04-'05

So, the time has come. West Lafayette, IN got our first snow last night, November 24, 2004. Share your snow stories guys, I love snow stories.

Here’s mine: So I drove out to buy Harry Potter 3 DVD. Got it. Came back. Pulled in. Took it inside, then went out and danced in the snowy rainy evening. It was nice. My cat came out too, but he didn’t like it. I love snow.

This is when i lived in Wisconsin…I was maybe…5?

My brother and I were sledding down this big hill, with hay at the end. I was walking back up with our sled, when I got creamed by someone on one of those disks that some people use for sledding. I don’t remember if I went over or under the rider, but they just kept going.

All I know is, I broke my collar bone when it happened, but they didn’t find out for a few weeks(Even after one round of X-rays!) So I got to experience some of my physical activies in real pain. Weeee! It all worked out though :-p.

It snowed like mad yesterday where I was…
And guess what, a day before the holidays, I had to work!

Well anyways, one of my jobs was getting carts from the parking lot into the store, and well, this equation explains a lot…

Crazy weather+Crazy procrastinating people= :yikes:

It was fun nonetheless, some other workers almost got hit by unnecessary speeders though…

It was crazy windy too! And I was slipping on the ice wherever mother nature intended for me to slip. Weeeeee!

I just remember old times when my dad’s side of the family used to live here in Maryland. They would come over on snowy days, and I have pictures of me building a snowman with my Godfather, Uncle Phil. I miss him a lot, he lives in California now. I haven’t seen him for about two years now, but I do hope to see him soon.
Sledding also was a big thing with our family, since we’d go each year to the middle school that I used to live right across the street from and just sled with my brother. One of the few times he and I connected. I really miss those days. sigh Man now I’m becoming all nostalgic…

This is always a fun story to tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was in 5th or 4th grade maybe (i really don’t know, it could have been middle school), I was sledding with my friend and his brother down this big hill, and we had two of those flimsy plastic two person sleds. So, I was in the back of one os the sleds with my friend, and his brother was in the other one; we were all going down at the same time.

Then my sled hit a bump that shot me out of the sled. So as I was slidding down the hill on my butt, right behind the sled with just my friend’s brother in it, I hit another bump and landed in the other sled!! :yikes:

We laughed for about 10 minutes straight after that.

I lived in southern mississippi for about 13 years it snowed well flurried once, but by the time i got up it was melted away. well about 5 years ago i moved to maryland, during the summer, and that following winter was the first time i had ever seen snow, it was pretty cool, i was playing in the snow like a little kid. Now I am sick of snow and want to move back to southern mississippi so i don’t have to see it again.

Ai ya… I knew I forgot to put up the annual “First Snow of the Year” thread about 10 days ago…

Speaking of which: ha! We beat you by 10 days! pppbbbbbttttttt!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 3 decent stories, not really funny, but just good if you were there.

The first two was back in either 94 or 96 when the east coast was hit by that massive blizzard. When it was still snowing out, i went into my backyard to build like a little fort, i also wanted to run and slide on the ice, so i brought a little plastic dome type sled. Me not knowing how windy it actually was picked it up over my head and walked outside. All of a sudden a huge gust picks up, and lifts me off the ground a good 5 feet, i never thought that could happen, still cant believe it today. So i let go and watch the sled fly over the highway by my house and land on the other side of the street.
During that same storm, the day after it stopped snowing, my sisters, there friends and i, all went to the front of my house and started skating in the streets, because they were solid ice. Later that day the ice started to break up, so we started to pick it up, and build a fort. four hours later we had about a 6 foot high ice fort, almost completely enclosed. that was a lot of fun, took the longest time to melt.

then 2 years ago, i was in Washington DC for a Model UN conference. Saturday night, the day before everyone is set to leave, we hear rumors that its going to snow. We were all excited because it would be a great bus ride home, seeing everything snowed over. Little did we know it was going to be over 2 feet of snow, and blizzard like conditions. We wake up taht morning and look out our window, it was white, completely white, everything. It was such an amazing site. Still thinking we were gonna go home in about 4 hours, we start to pack and get ready to go to our final meeting. After packing, my friend and i, run down the still blizzard like street, and stop at a starbucks to get a morning jump. On the way back, we had to help about 4 cars get out of snowbanks or just help them make a turn. So after final committee, we go gather in the lobby with luggage and all, and wait for the bus. Turns out the bus is stuck in Philadelphia, and wont be able to make it for another 2 days. We all start to celebrate because it will allow us to miss an extra day of school, but then it sets in that we have to pay for it, and that wasnt going to be any fun. Later that nite though, our advisor gets a call from the school board saying they will pay for the extra two days, and a call from the hotel saying all food will be free for us to enjoy. had to be the greatest school trip ever(next to any FIRST event).

Like West Lafayette…we got our first snow at about the same time last night.(West Lafayette and Kokomo are only about 45 mines apart.) We didn’t get much but we did get about grass covering amounts. It’s not enough to have fun in though, which makes me kinda mad!!! HAHA


Hehe. Ok, so it was February 2003… (Corey will remember this one, too :p)

<edit> Ok, never mind, he beat me to it LOL </edit>

We were competing at a national Model UN conference in DC, and that whole week goes fine… Heck, it was about 50 and sunny. THEN, it decides to snow on about the second to last day. Let’s just say Mother Nature didn’t stop. We got about 2 feet of snow, and DC really wasn’t prepared for it (which was a big change because, my team being from Michigan, we were used to seeing tons of snow plows).

The hotel let us stay for free, I think (I don’t quite remember). We ended up staying there for about one week… and since we didn’t have competition anymore, we ended up riding elevators, roaming through Georgetown trying to find random places that were open, and having plenty of snowball fights.

We had fun seeing the Puerto Ricans react to the snow, because they’d never seen it before. They were so excited!

Quite a few people got stuck in the snow in cars because they had never gotten that much snow… so we helped them out, too. We had fun knowing that we were able to have a great time and help people out at the same time.

Fun times :).

And Rochester beat you by about 10 days :-p

Psh, we had snow over 2 weeks ago.

Here’s a Columbia snow story. (Bear in mind, I’ve lived here all my life.)

Snow comes to Columbia about…once a year. Maybe once every other year. And any time the snow sticks, even slightly, everything in town grinds to a halt. No school, no government, no nothing.

(Although earlier this year, as a bunch of us die-hards on 1293 were crating up the robot on the last night (post-tackle), it was sleeting. And there was school the next day.)

Since Kokomo is straight east of West Lafayette we got the same snow. Here it is.

Grandparent’s new Buick Rainier gets its first taste of snow.

I have to many past year snow stories to pick one, but this year was fun. We had a LAN party the night it snowed and ended up having a massive snowball fight. It was the perfect kind of snow for snowballs. :yikes: At my Mom’s house we got like six inches of prime sledding snow. The really dry fast kind.


So on Friday morning i was walking out ot my car to go to the airport and it was so cold i thought it was going to snow but it turned out to be only 40 and then i realized i do live in orlando so no snow here but i was freezing :slight_smile: …i love to be a Floridan