so about that hint...

as my friend and i were looking at the IR reciever we were trying to figure out what the heck you would do with it that you couldnt do with the OI we gt pretty frustrated. after about 15 min. of wondering how this would work on the robot i had a thought. i believe this has nothing to do with the robot and everything to do with player to field interaction. so far all i got is that or interactive autonomis (kinda takes the purpose out of that) tell me what you guys think, i really want to know if field interaction could be a possibility

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just take a look at the PIC: game hint thread.

any option you might have though bout is already there =]

Here is what I think it is.

It receives a signal from the field element(s) that the robot is approaching. That signal can be one of 4 possibilities. Based on what the code the field element is sending, the robot responds. This can be during Autonomous or tele operated mode. Teams that choose not to use it will still be able to score by manually having the robot respond to the field element, where teams that choose to use it can continue to use it during tele mode, or choose to manually respond.

Think about the 2006 “Aim High” and 2007 “Rack 'n Roll”. During Autonomous, the camera was vital to consistent scoring. During tele mode it was optional, but still an advantage, primarily in “Aim High”.

Again, this is just what I think.

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