SO...alternative to ramps...

Currently we are thinking of not even trying to do this.
and suggestions?

Use 4 wheels, don’t use 2009 wheels, don’t have the motors where they can contact the bump.

I would suggest useing 4 wheels…
Also you should make the bumber higher and move the motor and use another motor,and hook up the motor to a battery

I think there are a lot of people who will be going over the barrier. However, I would recommend using more wheels to do so, probably at least 6. This will decrease the amount of space you have between each wheel to ‘bottom out’ in.

Something my team is in the process of designing is a skid plate. So it’s like a slanted piece of metal or some material that would hit the barrier before anything else, lifting the robot up so you can still use smaller wheels to get over. It’s an interesting application of a wedge in my opinion.

Same with 2410 for the skid plate. We’re going with, I believe, 4 wheel wide drivebase and skids before each wheel.
In terms of your pic, add a wheel and power at least 2 of your wheels and chain the others. For your chassis, looks like you would have enough roomto make a six wheel drive. Oh, and use the kit wheels, not lunacy wheels. It’ll help with traction.

Doesn’t work as well as you’d hope, at least with kit wheels.

I would put 6 wheels on there if you’re going long over wide, or you’re going to have a host of problems with controlling the drive.

Mixed bag. The middle wheel helps with respect to turning on the flat floor but it makes crossing the barrier a bit more exciting (read, tippy).

You pays your money and you picks your poison…

Joe J.

So the question is, “how can a band saw help me cross the barrier?” :cool:

four wheels can cross the barrier if you allow ffor a skid plate between wheels to prevent it from getting stucck in the middle. also motors should be mounted to the top of the frame.