So Cal teams where do you get your aluminum?

We are looking for a company that has a particularly large supply of aluminum. Our local guys that we go to do not have enough selection. Right now we are primarily looking for 1x2x.062 wall 6061 rectangular tube. I was just wondering where you guys go.


M&K Metals in Gardena has a pretty good selection and reasonable prices too. They are also just a few blocks from my house. :smiley: Sorry I don’t have an address and phone here at work, but you should be able to find them on Yahoo (that’s where I found them) if you really want to drive out this way.


Hey Kirk,
For us, Industrial Metal Supply in Sun Valley is THE place to buy metal. They have an absolutelty HUGE warehouse and a wonderful showroom full of precut material. They will deliver in SoCal, but I’m not sure how far. If you’d like to go there, they are roughly 33 miles away from you out the 10 west to the 5 north. Also, there are online places such as and that will ship anywhere but it may be more expensive and take longer to get.

We also use Industrial Metal Supply ( The have offices in San Diego, Sun Valley, and Irvine.

I’ll throw in another vote for Industrial Metal. On #992, we visited their Sun Valley store several times. They have just about everything, and their sales people tend to be quite knowledgeable.