So can we use the Spark Max with a CiM and Brushless neo Motor

At the moment we are using the Spark Maxs for controlling the brushed CIM motors. Can we use the same Spark for an Neo brushless motor? And can we control both of these motors at the same time with only one Spark?

Yes, a spark max can control either a brushed motor like a CIM or a brushless motor like a NEO or NEO 550.

No, you cannot control a CIM and a NEO from one spark max at the same time, for a few reasons. First, from a technology angle, a brushless motor works differently from a brushed motor and requires the use of all three motor leads coming out of the spark max to commute the rotation, whereas a brushed motor like a CIM uses only two leads. Second, even if both motors were the same technology (both CIMs or both NEOs), rule R504 says you can only put one of each of those types of motors per speed controller.


I understand, thank you for your reply

Spark Max’s can work with Neo’s and Neo 550’s, you just need to set them to brushless mode.

You cannot use the same motor controller to control 2 “big” motors - see R504. Both Neos and CIMs count as “big” motors. “Small” motors are ones that draw significantly less current, and are better defined by looking at the table in the rules. You also cannot use a Spark Max to simultaneously drive both a brushed and a brushless motor - it simply won’t work correctly. Due to how brushless motors work with the built in encoders, you can’t drive two brushless from the same spark max either - on two brushed (low current) motors can be driven from the same motor controller, from a technical perspective.

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