So class of 07...

So to all of us that are graduating, I am wondering, how many of us are going to be coming back to mentor our team or other teams and where all of us are going for sure now.

I guess I will go first.

My name is Santosh Reddy, I have been a member of the CircuitRunners (1002) for the past four years.
I will be attending Emory University.
I was contacted earlier in the season to help start a team at the Westminster schools in Atlanta Georgia. I am helping them get started now and will be mentoring them next year/over the summer as an organizational mentor and I will be helping with the robot a bit
I will also be helping/mentoring team 1002 and possibly team 1848.

So what about the rest of you guys?

Well, my name is Julie Henion and this is my fourth year as a student on team 237.
Next year I’m going to MIT, and I think that I will try to be a mentor on their team. (Number 97 I think? Correct me if I’m wrong…) I’ll also do what I can to help out 237 when I’m in the area, but I don’t think that will be very often.

Having just finished my 4 year stint with Team 4 I am only compelled to stay in the FIRST program. I just have to be a long distance mentor for team 4 and find a team in Terre Haute, Indiana to help out while a student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Any teams that need someone who has spent way too much time on their robot can feel free to contact me. Otherwise a webcam from the shop back in Los Angeles to my dorm will have to suffice. =/

My names Jake M Masin and I’m from Bend Oregon (753)
This might have only been my second year, yet I wish i could have done more. (everyone on my team can laugh now).
I’ll be attending Linfield in McMinville, OR.
I started a Team in Hood River, OR, yet won’t be able to help much becuase of drive time. I’ll still assist 753 and hopefully any other local team.

Ian Guthridge from Columbus GA.

I have been heading the robotics team at my school for the past four years. Next year, I will be going to Georgia Tech, and probably help Santosh with mentoring his team(if he still wants me to XD). I would like to mentor other temas as well, but it depends on my class load…

I’m going to help my team out when they need it. I’ll be either 50 minutes or 4.5 hours away, so depending on where I go to college I can help in varying degrees. I want to help if they need it but I also want to let the younger kids learn how to do things. If I just do it for them they will never learn how, so I’m not going to be as involved.

I definitely plan on giving a presentation at the kickoff which I think we’ll be hosting again, and being at the first ever MN regional to help out.

It’s going to be bittersweet not truly being with the team next year. On one hand, I won’t be there and I loved being on the team, but on the other hand, new students get to have the same wonderful experiences I had.

w00t-- 100th post.

My name is Josh Pordon, sadly this was my first year in FIRST and I wish I would have discovered it sooner. Since I attended my first regional I knew I was hooked. I am attending college (Milwaukee School of Engineering) just down the street from the high school where team 1675 builds and I plan to help them out in any way I can :slight_smile:

My name is David Pick and I spent 2 years with team 1055 and 1 year with 1739. Next year I’m also off to Terre Haute Indiana to attend Rose-Hulman. While none of the students there currently mentor a team, I know of several incoming freshman who are interested in trying to get a team started at a local school.

My name is Lauren Lacy, I’m on 1816 with Nat(BBnum).
I’m going to PURDUE!!! and very excited about that
I might take a year off and help at the boilermaker regional and at the MN regional and talk at the kickoff and then get involved with a Purdue FIRST team as a sophomore. Also thinking of getting some team started in Sweden pending some more talking with Susan Lawrence and the FIRST crew. We’ll see.
I’m a little apprehensive of full on mentoring a team my freshman year in college though, so next year I’ll probably be involved in a more limited capacity.

My name is Ryan Epperson. I am a graduating senior that has spent 4 years on team 668 in San Jose, CA. As i will be going to San Jose State for now i am looking forward to mentoring 668 along with 1 or more teams in the area. I will also try to get more involved in the Silicon Valley Regional. If i don’t stay involved something bad might happen to me…haha

I’m Art Dutra of Team 228, where I’ve been a strong member of for the past four years. Next year I’m going to a university that has sponsored FIRST since the very beginning, WPI, to hopefully take part in their robotics engineering program and help mentor their now Champion robotics team (190) or any of the other rookie teams in the Worcester, MA area.

I’ll also come back and try to help mentor Team 228 when I’m around in Connecticut, but I have a feeling that a lot of my mentoring to them next year will be in bits and bytes through the endless miles of the Intertubes.

My name is Ashley Marshall, and I have been a member of Team 102 (Gearheads) for the past 7 years… yes 7 years haha.
I will be attending Raritain Valley Community College [major is currently unknown] for 2 years and then transfering [once I decide on a major] to another college.
I will be working with Team 102 of course… for many, many years =]
I also may be working with Team 75 on a few things.
I plan to be associated with Teams 102 and Teams 75 [both] nex year in some way or another.
I will be attending all the events my team goes to… FIRST comes first :stuck_out_tongue:
I will also [hopefully] be doing some [small] MCing with the awesome MC, Wayne, and the amazing announcer, George, at the NJ Regional :cool: I will be volunteering for any events that my schedule will permit.

I’m Brittany Adare, of Team 180, SPAM! Wearing a capes and building robots has been the highlight of my high school experience.

Next year I will be attending the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA (home of the Florida Regional!) where I hope to stay involved with FIRST, by helping 1902 out in any way, shape, or form.

I’m still between majors, either math, engineering, or math education (something dealing with people and numbers would be nice.)

Best wishes to the rest of the FIRST Class of 2007! Go far in life, and don’t forget to stop and Rack’nRoll!


I will be mentoring for my team 269. We recently lost one of our best mentors due to family commitments so they are looking for someone mechanical to step up to the plate. I’m more of a design person, but over this past year, I have definitly gained experience on the production side of things as well.

I am also taking into consideration, mentoring team 171, from Platteville, WI, where I will be attending college.


As far as I know neither high school in Terre Haute has a team yet. Indiana has a strong team association with IndianaFIRST I’m sure we can find a veteran team to help you guys out. Feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can get some help for you.

When I graduate in 2009 I am definetly going to come back for the Florida Regionals and Championships from university in London. It’s so awesome and so fun!:yikes:

My name is Adam Heard, I have been a member of Beach Cities Robotics(294) for the past fourish years.

I will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (about 2 hours from where I am now) next year.

I will continue to help 294 through the summer, and will help them on weekends during the build season.

I hope to start working with team 973 up by Cal Poly and possibly start some sort of cooperation (regional swap ala 4 & 188).

My name is Scott Morgan. I have been with my team for four years, and I plan on mentoring them next year.

Yeah I undrstand where you are coming from. From being a leader in my organization for three years and a strong participator my freshmen year to going of to mentor a team freshmen year in college, it might be tough considering science at Emory is supposed to eat time alive. But I am going to stick it out for sure.

My name is Jason Bernard and i am a part of team 68. I have been with the team for the past 2 years, and it has been great. I worked on the building/designing the manipulator as well as a driver this past season. I will be attending Michigan Tech University studying mechanical/electrical engeneering. I would be a mentor on our team but becuase i am going to tech i just might be a mentor on theirs. ^^ Anyway Robotics has been great and i will never forget my experiances with it.