So, don't do this ...

A scene from Finals 1 at GRGR yesterday afternoon.

I am very proud of the Average Joes and our girl powered drive team. They maintained high energy throughout the event.

However, I hope they will be paying closer attention to battery retention* next week at WMRI. :rolleyes:

*Nope, no climbing points if your battery is hanging below the bricks.

Looks like a CLIMB to me, the battery isn’t touching the ground, and bumpers are clearly above the bricks. Was it not called as such?

That should still award climb points. Your bumpers are above the line and unless I can’t see it, the battery isn’t in contact with the platform.

I think you guys are right. TBA records only show scores, not RPs or match details. I recall a referee conference after the match, but don’t know what it was about. Climb points would not have swung that match in any case; 3539 was killing it with their 2-cube auton all day. They grabbed the lead with it in both Finals matches and didn’t make any mistakes that would have let our alliance catch up.

GRGR is getting more exciting and competitive every year. Thank you, organizers and volunteers who make it happen.

It’s possible that the referees determined there was an S01 violation (loose battery) and the climb shouldn’t have happened but they couldn’t get to the disable fast enough. If the climb didn’t count that’s probably why. Otherwise, it should definitely count: Bumpers up, not contacting platform, fully supported by Scale.

Is that a valid call though?
“Oh we should have disabled them and didn’t, so this thing they did magically doesn’t count?”

Also, is there any chance the battery was contacting/supported by the other robot’s bumper? That’d negate a climb.

After Einsteins 2017, we watch our battery HEAVILY. First and last thing checked on our pit checklist, a long with very heavy velcro holding the battery down, and velcro over our anderson connector to prevent it getting unplugged in the case of it falling out.

Might depend somewhat on the event rules. In general, probably not. I can’t say I recall anything specific about that sort of situation offhand. (Though tiredness is setting in, courtesy of one of the local offseasons…)

And on the second point, no it wouldn’t. It’s not in direct contact with the Platform, and the other robot isn’t in contact with the floor which would be the other argument possible.

Nonetheless, It was great seeing the Joes there this weekend! Always a pleasure to compete with and against you guys. Hopefully you’ll see us at WMRI this weekend.

In 2017 we had a velcro strap holding our battery in place. It ran through a couple eyehooks and worked great all season… up until it didnt. At DCMP in our second to last match, the velcro wore through and ripped, causing our battery to come flying out of the bot when we stopped short. Our camera was placed just above the battery, so the last thing our driver saw before we were disabled was the battery go flying. That’s the last time I don’t reinforce a battery strap…

Watch as the blue robot in front stops short.