So excited!

Since I moved from Milwaukee to Salt Lake City in November, 2011, I have been team-less. I was pretty accustomed to working with at least two teams and having many more friends. Big change.

I have been trying to network, volunteering at events, getting my name out there as someone who wants to be involved - but it seems like a lot of the teams in my area are flaky or not really interested in outside help; I don’t really know.

It has been frustrating, I love FIRST, and I almost gave up. I was even thinking of starting my own team.

Last year on the last day of the build season I helped team 4598 get their robot functioning in a mad scramble to the deadline. It was their rookie year last year, and it was great to get to know them. And so much fun!

I am so excited because their teacher invited me to participate on their team!

I have a team again! :smiley: Yippee!!

Always nice when a team adopts you for the right reasons.
Just like any new job, spend the first several weeks getting to know the team dynamic before any suggestions for change.