So how are YOU getting to the competitions?

Having spent too much of our team funding on pizza, party favors and helium to lighten the robot, we have found ourselves with insufficient funds to afford conventional travel to the competition sites. We have investigated alternatives like driving, bus, train, camels, and rickshaw. None of them were within our price range. Therefore, we are being forced to resort to alternative travel methods. Check here for our solution (after all, FIRST did say that we could send two crates! :smiley: ). Then, let us know how you will be getting to the regional and national competitions!


Team 116: Creating the technology of tomorrow, some time late tonight.

AHA, YESS :smiley:

Excellent idea :smiley:

Silly Dave, using quicktime.
Use a more standard avi!

Since, as I recall, the crates are supposed to be less than 400 lbs, that means your students have to weigh an average of 23lbs each, and the crate nothing at all.

Of course after all that time in the crate with nothing to eat that may not be an issue.

But it is a rather interesting solution to the problem. For one thing it virtually guarantees no student problems for several weeks…

Since we are a school sponsored team and we only go to one regional that is about two hours away, we get to take the twinkie.

But for the national competition, we take a plane.

We are considering having our old robots pull us for the ride to Drexel or our trusty camel Pedro. Or we might just take a school bus. He he I’m probally gonna yell at someone half the way there.

…Enter whitty quote here…

Forget ball launching robots, how about humans :smiley:

I’m sure you can get the trajectory to each regional with a little bit of trial and error, hehe.

My team’s bot can lift a person if we add a place where the person could easily stand… My team will be driving down, but hey, we are already in Florida… My teams last year rode down ona charter bus that was shared with 2 other small teams.

Well, we can fit about 6 in the goal, and 2 more on the robot for traction. Unfortunately, we had to cut out the robot’s air conditioning because of weight problems, so we will probably go in a school bus. (although i bet it wont have air conditioning either)

Hmm…I’m pretty sure we’re bussing it to our two regionals and we’re flying down to Nats. We’re lucky, both regionals are pretty close to us. The LI Regional is about 20 minutes away (if that) and the NYC regional is about an hour to an hour and a half.


Hey everyone…

I may be coming to NYC, if anyone wants to drive me :wink:

And as for UTC, if all woks well, I will be showing up on Saturday with a vanload of Babson students who have never seen competition. (I cant wait!)

And as for FL, I will be flying down (if I ever get the ok from my management profs)

enjoy your lovely reunion with sleep tonite.

Well, we’re going to Saint Louis this year. It’s about a 7 hour (give or take) trip, and we’re taking vans from our University. OK for the rest of the team…looks like the “Chippiemobile” and I might be flying solo on this one though.

…If I could only get out of this darn exam…

Anyway, for those of you going to Saint Louis, see you there!

Damian “Chip” Eveland
#171 - Platteville, Wisconsin

We’re all taking Dean Kamen’s scooters and wheelchairs down.

Jessica weren’t you on chaos?
You look like the girl who held up the sign that says “robot chicks have more fun” at the UTC regionals. Everyone got a kick out of that.

We are taking coach buses, thankfully we don’t have to ride in the pickles. Should we manage to do something that would let us go to nationals, I think we would fly, but at our own personal expense.

Ack! Looks like I’m never going to live that lovely little media experiment down. It doesn’t matter, I’ll keep using the old adage that I seem to be using frequently at college:
At least I have the balls to do crazy stuff while sober.

Yes, Reverend, that was me.

No, Reverend, Im an alum of 237, the team that picked 131 and 209 that went on to win the UTC Regional in 00.

My teams is getting there by a car to regionals and a bus to nationals but we live in Florida.

Yeah, %%%% those last days of the season, I forget alot. All of 237 had the yellow shirts, NOW I remember. Chaos was the one who just went around getting all the black balls. That last match was very exciting to watch. Where you guys (and girls) took the gold…sorry Olympic hysteria.