So how many of you actually have a working minibot/deployment?

Im just wondering if minibots will be like tower-hangers last year. To where only about 5-10% of the robots competing had them.

Can you make the thread a poll?

Our team has a working minibot, although we’re planning on rebuilding its chassis so it won’t be working for a while.

EDIT: It appears someone already made a thread quite like this, link is here:

There are many similar topics to this… But I believe about 30% of teams will have working minibots, but only 25% of them will actually be deployed… 20% of them will actually make it to the top… And only 7% will actually do this every match… There are a zillion variables that are between you and the top of that pole…

We have a working deployer, and out minibot runs. It slips a little going up the pole, so it’s climbing in about 4 seconds, but we’re working on that between now and regionals.

We’ve got one most of the way built, we just need to actually put it on the robot.

we have a working minibot, and have successfully deployed it from the hostbot under program control. it climbs the polo within about 6 seconds. the deployment and climb are definitely under 10 seconds.

our biggest problem is actually lining up on the pole. alignment has to be pretty close, or deployment doesn’t happen.

stay tuned

60% of the time, they will work…everytime.:stuck_out_tongue:

I"m guessing more like 10% to 20% will have them working. We have one that climbs the pole, and we got the deployment system to stick it on the pole today before leaving. The system needs more work, but I think we’ll be among the “have” teams.

We finally got ours working today.

Same here, now time to make it deployed properly.

What’s the point of having a good minibot if you don’t have a reliable deployment system to get them to the pole?

We have one.
See it here.

Hope I did that right.


Looks nice but how are you going to make sure your robot is aligned.

You cant see it in the video but we drop an allignment device off the back of the bot that buts up against the pole base.

We have a bat, that when released by a servo, gets surgical tubing’d into the tower. Then a pin releases, allowing the minibot to get slung down with its platform having more tubing on it. Fast and little accuracy required.

Providing if it works when we get it on the robot…

Team 1899 does! =D about 4-5 seconds

We are ready to go. Deployment minibot and all. My amazing programers have eliminated the need for my team to line it up. We use three IR sensors two that see the base and one up top that looks at the pole. We have used these sensors before too see how accurate they can be look at this video from last year. Obviously this isnt the same thing as this year but we were able to use this code and modify accordingly.

We decided to NOT build a mini-bot! Instead, we built a great deployment system, that will deploy a mini-bot on to the tower as long as we are +/- 5 inches off of center from the pole. We spent two weeks designing the specs for the deployment system, and then sent those specs to our FTC teams…

We let our FTC teams build the mini-bots, and we have a great one that we are bringing with us to our regionals!

A big THANK YOU! to the Ryken HS FTC LabVIEW Knights, for a job well done!

Nice! Our alignment system is rather lower tech than that…

We had a ~4.5 second climb with a battery that died immediately after on our “A” minibot.

Our Plan B should be a lot better.