So how would you fix this year's game?

As a spin-off to this thread:, where there were a lot of disappointmented posters, please share what YOU would do to make this game better. After all, this is OUR organization.

Hopefully, the best changes will be picked up by Dean Kamen & co, and will be added in future updates.

First off, I’d start by answering some of the glaring questions that I asked on the FRC forum.

Second off, I’d come up with a last ditch way to make the human players more active in the game. A hoop, or some way to launch a projectile, so the human players aren’t just glorified switches.

I’d place more tetras on the field to start with, and make the “vision” tetras multipliers, so maybe teams decide they don’t want to go for the central goal.

I’d throw in something random, like, “to be counted in the end zone, your robot must be only supported at three points, instead of the usual four or more”.

I’d add a giant “inverse pyramid”, with a small cap at the top. It would look like a giant upside down goal, but lighter. It could be inverted and would attach to whatever was below it, be it goal or scoring tetra. I’d make this a goal for human players to throw stuff into–be they balls, or mini-tetra shapes–that counted for many more points. Bring back the hook shot.

Things to spice it up.


I would wait until some games have been played, then figure out what needs to be fixed.

Seriously, how does anyone know that the game needs to be fixed? Every year people say how bad the game is. Sometimes the game is bad, sometimes its good, but one thing that history has shown is that you don’t really know how exciting it’s going to be until the regionals start.

The first thing I would do is get rid of anomymous posters!

I’ll second that. If you would like this type of thread to continue would you please identify yourself instead of hiding.

First, let me make it clear that I love this game. However, in an effort to make lemonade out of this thread, I’ll post an idea on how to improve the game.

I would change first sentence of the third paragraph of 8.3.3 to:

All three teams on the winning alliance will recieve a number of Ranking Points equal to the unpenalized Match Score of the losing alliance. All three teams on the losing alliance will receive a number of Ranking Points equal to their Match Score. In the case of a tie, each team will receive a number of Ranking Points equal to the opposing alliance’s unpenalized Match Score.

In short, I don’t like that the winning alliance, like last year, is penalized for the losing alliance’s rule violations. This change would correct that, I think.

Let’s wait a while before we start re-designing the game that we are still trying to figure out.
Let chill out a bit and do this one later.