So, it turns out that the Macarena is actually a terrible song

It doesn’t slap. It doesn’t go hard. It’s mid.


No cap :billed_cap:



So “not a banger” means you can’t dance to it? But you can dance to Joe. I don’t know what “it” is anymore.

If it’s all the same to all, I’m still going to listen to and appreciate the origins of Joe.

My favorite version of Joe

FWIW I say this one bangs.

I believe it was the origins, in fact, that resulted in the backlash. Not to re-ignite a past discussion, but … maybe not the best choice of words?


Correct, the DJ laptops (with the DJ software and music library) travel with the regional fields.
The AV company contracted by Show Ready Events has always operated the DJ laptop along with the rest of the in venue AV at all the regionals I’ve volunteered at.

Funny how we can all agree that we ARE capable of tuning out certain kinds of speech that some would find inappropriate!

Need more of this!!

Hmmm, I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Given that people could tune out anything, and most people find something inappropriate, it would be hard not to agree to your assertion.

OP’s punchline is that the lyrics of the Macarena run contrary to the things FIRST stands for, and we shouldn’t be tuned out to that.

I’d even go one step deeper as to what’s being discussed here: What does it mean to objectify another person? And why is it wrong to do so?


Honestly, I could care less about the song itself (I can see your point, but like most I don’t actually care that much) but my fire of hatred is directed entirely towards the dance. As fun as the dance itself can be, it’s gone too far.

The following statement is entirely based off my experiences at competitions in the Chesapeake district, and I don’t know how “bad” it’s gotten elsewhere. Also please understand I a ma big fan of the huge line dances and stuff. Total blast, I’m always down there when they get started.

Here’s a bit of context: a certain team (not naming names) started this trend of doing the YMCA dance when the Macarena plays and vice-versa during timeouts and such, and at first it was kinda funny the first few times. Then other teams started stealing that concept and applying it to other songs. After a week or so, the only dance seen at events became the Macarena. It went way to far and made the rest of the songs unfun. Just PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD JUST MAKE IT STOP. WHENEVER I CLOSE MY EYES ALL I SEE IS THE MACARENA


Why can’t we have Iconic Rock and Roll AND a good message: I give you Crazy Train.

It was on my running playlist for years, but one day, not that long ago, I actually listened to the words and was rather astonished!

(FWIW I had a similar ‘entering the venue Thunderstruck moment’ and I still remember it fondly)


I’m shocked nobody has suggested Soundscapes by Gabe Lewis yet.

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please dont take our macarena!!!

Pep band member in full support of Crazy Train. I’ve only heard the lyrics like, twice, but it’s just so fun. Great to hear that it doesn’t fall into the rather large category of “popular songs with terrible lyrics”.

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i love that it looks like hebrew


Yes, we need it in FRC.


In fairness, I am starting to get old. *sigh


FIRST events should only play music from my youth and the two decades that precede it alongside movie soundtracks from movies I enjoyed between the ages of 7-22.


You misspelled “Party in the USA.”

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