So Many Ways To Have A Drive System

Posted this in my thread but this deserves a broader audience…
:eek: Look at all those types…

Each have their pros and cons

And that’s only a sampling of what’s available.


Oh yea, that doenst even have the legged robots

Or the most common successful FRC drivetrain, the lowered-center 6 wheel.

Or a very popular drivetrain this year, the lowered center pair 8 wheel.

Or crazy combinations of drives such as the 148/217 drive this year.

Or the 3WD independent swerve. (16)

Or the file card drive. (71, in 2002)

Or the 14-wheel drive. (703, a couple years back)

Or the 6WD Mecanum with suspension. (1322, this year)

I’m just getting started…

File card isn’t legal anymore, silly.

I’d rather make a more applicable to FIRST diagram of drivetrains, eliminating inefficient, outclassed, redundant drives. Since I’m not going to my event for 3 whole hours… now I’ve got something to do! :slight_smile:

Or our DS Swerve (invertible 2+2 swerve)

Or the Kiwi Drive

Or Mecanum

Or 1625’s 2010 6wSwerve

The list goes on…

What about newbie drive i.e. 4 wheel skid?