so someone thought this would be a good crate design



I too am a fan of the “invisible crate” design.

He means this:

aaaah, more sense the post now makes.

Unlikely something will get stacked on top of this…seems like a great idea!!!

You may as well link to the finished version:

Also, dang 346 must be huge fans of Blue Cheese to even design your crate after them…

Should be able to stack a second one of those upside down… :ahh:

this post is a joke post since we tried making the crate look like a power cube

Was it roughly .25" too tall based on initial specs?

Who is not a fan of Blue Cheese? Fools?

I’m more a fan of Gouda. :rolleyes:

they do write the CHS Platter after all

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Wil pls

the question I meant to get answered from this thread was do we need to make it stackable or can we get away with this

also the title is worded poorly, please excuse that

( …)

I wouldn’t be too surprised if your crate gets turned sideways so that they can stack on it.

By the way, you all made FUN Region Recap.

This may be, however; 1) not easy to turn on its side. 2) cannot readily place forks under any side. So I suspect it will ship with nothing on top and not on its side.
While I wasn’t involved in the crate, I do admire the “quirky” design. Thank you for pointing out the “press” it received.