So, we prototyped this and had some real fun with it..

Recorded with a potato, edited with a toaster. Sorry about that. We thought the mechanism was fun to play around with.

Incredible! I can’t even get my potato to turn on, let alone record a video :frowning:

Very nice mechanism, should let you go over the CDF very easily.
My potato has no camera at all, although it can store pictures.

Looks like fun.

Cooper please tell me you made a walker bot.

Chugga chugga?

can confirm robot has wheels.

It’s like a cat pawing at a string of yarn. If you haven’t got a name for it, some name variation related to cat paws would be fitting.

Or perhaps cheval de thaw.

Hey Cooper. Are you going to slice the potatoes to make fries then move them around with a shovel?

That is how you win championships…

Good 'ol Amiga!