So, what are you all doing for Halloween 2006?

I just noticed that there’s no Halloween thread yet. Anyhow, I’ll be at home, giving out candy. My costume this year: The Box Ghost, Master of all Things Cardboard and Square! So yeah, me with overalls, a pale-blue face, do-rag, and sideburns. And boxes. Lots of boxes.

I’ll even plop up some pictures this time (and maybe a couple of older ones I never put up). And I really, really mean it this time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to dress up as a weldor and carry around my torch at school all day! :cool:

Me? Absolutely nothing, quite possibly making me the only Preston resident to do so.

(If it’s any consolation, I get back from Cal Games the day before around 2:00 PM after the drive from the airport, which doesn’t really give me much in the way of time. And I’ve got an accounting test on Halloween.)

ConnVex Planning Committee meeting that night!

Well obviously go to the Ra-Cha-Cha Ruckus!!! But our team is having a party Halloween night!

i might dress my robot up and make it hand out candy

theoretically a scary movie marathon with some HOT people

I get to go to the Student Government Association (SGA) Meeting for Columbia. My commitment doesn’t stop just becuase it is Halloween (last year I went to a WildStang meeting).

I am going to be a cheerleader on Halloween and Good Witch Glinda for the Columbia Party on the 26th. It is much easier to get around classes in a cheerleading uniform than in a huge pink dress.

And as a FYI to all high schoolers that think you are too old to trick or treat. You are never to old to trick or treat, it’s free candy. Just take a kid out… or even better. Spread the message of FIRST on Halloween, give one of your neighbor children an old team shirt, wear one of your new ones, walk around with them. Give them an old Dewalt drill and go as an engineer. If people ask about it all the better time to explain FIRST! Spreading the word + getting kids involved + awesome halloween costume = best FIRST-o-ween ever.

SAme with Josh at Ruckus, but since we have a meeting on Halloween, I’m probably going to say its a party day.

I go trick or treating.

(You are never too old to get free food)

(prettycolors - really? is that suppose to be at my house?)

I have Marching Band practice that night.

Possibly dressing up there?

Maybe one of these guys, they’re pretty scarry.

Theoretically, staying home, and doing the terrible, mind-reaping, mind-diluting thing I call IB- homework.

It is a terror of its own.


If i can find a “V” costume or even just a guy Fawkes mask from V for vendetta thats what ill be, my search has been unsuccessfully so far

Go as myself. Scary as heck.

Rah Cha Cha Ruckus on Saturdaya nd Lego League on Tuesday (we have lots of work to do).

I will be a doctor for work!

Ill be dressed up like my altime favorite childhood superhero:

umm…not sure whos house yet. maybe yours? maybe mine? maybe…maybe somebody else? I dunno…

But our marching band practice got rescheduled. yay!!!1

We have a dress up day at school, we have to pay 3 dollars but it’s all good because we get to be out of dress code for the day.

**EDIT: It’s official, I went threw my closet. I’m going to be Wednesday Addams. **Yes, I made the outfit with my own clothes =]

I’m also trying to get my team mates to go trick or treating with me, but they are kind of reluctant to join.