So What did Everyone Do for New Year's

I was wondering what people in the FIRST community were doing for New Year’s Eve. I personally went to a New Year’s Party and hung with my friends. When I woke in the morning I fell down a flight of stairs yeah good times. This is the point in time in which I become named life of the party as I try to stand up on a floor covered with sleeping people. But all in all it was a great night.

What’s with you and falling down stairs?

Anyhow, last night, I watched the Top 10 WWF matches of the year (I still don’t see how Steve Austin vs. HHH at No Way Out won), and Jay Leno’s Countdown to the new year (Blue Man Group rocked). I followed that with Sportscenter. Then, I turned on the VCR and watched the X-Men movie.

Today, I watched the Nickelodeon Movie Marathon (which I’m watching as I type).

We, (the TechnoKats) all did the same thing for New Years…awhile back our community asked us to build them a “ball” similar to times square that could be dropped from the side of a building in our city’s square, so we did it. Every year now we set up this ball and run it to simulate the events that go on in Times Square and to ring in the new year.

If u ask me its pretty darn cool (even though i was a little disappointed that the city didnt have fireworks this year:( )

A picture of the ball can be seen in the attached jpeg file.


(the lights may look funny in the pic…but the lights on the ball can do different sequences and patterns)



I hate to be the one to break the news but …

It’s 2002 … you guys forgot to change the date with the last software release …


But there’s always a chance that if they update, Microsoft will be after them. Better not take that chance…

I got together with a bunch of alumni fro last years team,(my favorite people ever!), and 2 of my adult leads and we celebrated the New Year together! We listened to music, watched tv, ate lotsa food, and looked at venus through a telescope at midnight!

I accompanied my girlfriend to a party. And as a non drinker was pretty bored.

But she had a blast so its all fine.

Sadly I probably would have had a better time reading white papers :smiley:

yeah it may say 2000, but you get the idea…hey clark isnt that the same picture u sent to me after the ball drop in 2000? I think we may have a video tape of it…if anyone wants to see it ill make a video tape and run it in our pit at nationals…let me know

another thing, was Jupiter the planet you were supposed to be watching last night???

I had a boring New Year’s. Well, more like blah than boring. I stayed home and watched TV then went into Tigerbolt and had fun bugging people in there. I somehow got kicked offline from11:30 to 12:30 so I missed getting to tell everyone happy new year’s, but it was all good. That and talking to a very druken friend online certainly made the night interesting.

It probably was Jupiter I was lookign at, I’m nto into astrology, I just though it was pretty neat looking, my advisor said something abotu Jupiter in Venus I think. so it was probably Venus :slight_smile:

Spiked my hair,
Colored my hair Blue again!!!,
Went to party from 7:30 till midnight,
Got rugburn from trying to breakdance on carpet (not a very good idea),
Played darts,
Played pingpong,
Tried to be a DJ,
Played Fooseball,
Watched as friend lit 10 sparklers at once and tried to hold them, eventually dropping them on the porch and probably leaving burn marks on the porch, (another brilliant idea:rolleyes: )
Went to another party to celebrate Central time New Years
Tried to play guitar,
Slept under dining room table,
Woke up that morn to friends parents cooking us all an awesome breakfast.
Yipeee! Welcome 2002

My words of wisdom for 2002: Before you sleep over a friends house, find out where their pet usually sleeps and don’t steal that spot. Reprocussions might include, but are not limited to: Pet stealing your pillow, and pet staring at you all night long like you’ve comitted the worst sin ever.!!! lol Oh well it was all fun!!!

*Originally posted by Elgin Clock *
Got rugburn from trying to breakdance on carpet (not a very good idea),
Tried to be a DJ,

Lol, I have pictures of Elgin being an idiot (aka getting rugburn) if anyone wants a good laugh :wink:

Oh, and I think everyone would agree that playing 30 sec of a track and then skipping to the next track qualifies as “being a bad DJ”

Obviously, I was at the same party…though I left at 1:15 (from the 2nd party), so I had a rather early nite (silly parents)