So what do you think of the new game?

I was looking at the game and I read all of the rules and I think that this game is going to be a very interesting one. Last year’s had a lot of elements and you only had 2 robots on each side. This year you have not as many elements but even more robots in a match. This game seems as though it might be a rough one and as a driver, I look forward to it…

GO 1403!!!

As the team scout on a team of no more then 11 students I’m thinking that this year with 6 'bots on the floor at a time keeping accurate statistics is going to be a chalenge.

Think it is going to be like 2001…sleepy time :frowning:

I enjoyed the multi facited elements of last year’s game (so many different ways to win and lose) but this years game might not have as great a varitey of robots but it will be much more stronger in the strategy aspect. Particualrly in the elimination rounds where who you pick for your partner is important especially since there is no backup fourth member. It’s you three and if one breaks down the two (or one :ahh: ) have to go on.

You mean Diabolical Dynamics?
That was a year before my time. What was the rules?

One thing I can see happening though is even if a robot is broken, a team would still place it on the field for a chance to get the 10 points at the end of the match

It should be just as interesting as last year. There will be tense moments at the end of many matches as last-second cappings change ownership of rows.

thats not true in the rules it says that if a alliance has a broken partner they can get a 4th member from the pool of non-picked teams, you get the higgest ranked non-picked team and your alliance has 4 members but the orginal broken member can not re enter but they can still get awards

4 robots working together against the clock. 2 Goals kind of like 2004’s stationary goals, but on wheels that could be dragged around. Human players shot small black balls into them worth 1 pt. each. Robots could then cap the goals with larhe balls like last years. worth 10 points? there was a bar splitting the field like in 2003, some bots went under, one went over, most used a teeter totter like ramp in the center. The idea was that for maximum score you’d balance two full, capped goals on the ramp (worth 2x? cant remember point values…), and get all robots back to the endzone as soon as possible for more points. The faster you did it you got a higher multiplier of your base score.

Possibly the most spectator unfriendly game ever. Didn’t make for tremendously exciting matches like head to head does now.

I like this year’s game. It’s relatively simple to score, but the sheer number of strategies that can be employed to do so, and prevent others from doing so is mind boggling.

Have fun, strategists! :wink:

I think the game is very original, they definitly changed it up this year. For us, we were already working on the programming for line tracing and then we found out that there was no line tracing to be done. :ahh: It was still a learning experience though so I still gained important knowledge and learned some new programming.

Anyways, most of that got thrown out the window when it was announced that we were to be given a new compiler that uses scripts in english. YEAHH!!! Finally im at an even skill level with my teammates and I wont feel completly biting the dust.

This is my rookie year in robotics and I hope it is a great one. I already find myself going through dozens of pages in my notebook with sketches for ideas and such. I also think that this years game involves a lot more stratagy, as there are so many ways to score and only so much time to do it. Im happy that they increased the max limit by a bit and also gave us so much nice new software that our school was really in need of.

Anyways, good luck to everyone this year. Make it a great one. And always remember about people like me. You were new to robotics once too and you have to remember that it isn’t all about winning. My favorite teammates are the ones who help me battle the whole learning curve.

Best of Luck,
Andy Burchardt

I thought that was the 2000 game - Co-Opertition FIRST.

Nope, that’s Diabolical Dynamics. 2000 involved troughs that were up in the air that you tried to fill with balls, as well as a ramp, that had a bar over it to hang from.

Not the same kind of ramp though. 2001’s ramp was exactly the same concept as a teeter totter. 2000’s ramp was more like a hump in the floor.

Well one thing for certain: FIRST has improved in their game design.

The 2005 game seems to be a cross between 2003’s and 1997’s game. At first glance, I am not particularly fond of the game. But I’m not in a very good mood (I know… who cares), so I am going to wait and see if the game will grow on me.

This year’s game certainly seems quite different from previous years, so it should be quite interesting. However, it seems that there is pretty much one function all teams have to go for… stacking tetras on goals. Last year for example, you could try to manipulate the balls or try to hang on the bar, or even both. There doesn’t seem to be the same number of options here, or maybe I just not being creative enough.

I was really wanting more hanging, more climbing stairs, but hey, it’s not another Stack Attack, so I’m happy.

I guess I agree with some above me. The game is going to have to grow on me before I’m enthralled with it.

Good Luck Everyone!

~ Jill

Overall this year’s game is going to be a very different from previous years. Because you can pretty much put most designs into 2 different categories, defence and tetra capper (I don’t think many teams will be just ferrying Tetras), the variety in designs will certainly be quite a bit smaller. Many of the robots will begin to look a like after a while. But then again, the strategy element is quite a bit more challenging. It shifts the main focus of the game from how you design the robot to how you play the game. It was very interesting making a map of the course and coming up with possible strategies for winning.

Overall, I think that this year’s game will be a welcome challenge.

Now I wonder how this year will affect next year’s game …

Alright… As a “semi-rookie” i have not fully participated in a FIRST competition, but, I have to say that i am already FLOWING with ideas as to what our team can do. This years game does indeed lack the number of game elements that were used in previous years, but, the 3-robot alliance will be quite interesting… Good luck everybody. Hope to see some of you at the Mid-West regional!


Does anyone think they can find a bonus tetra, pick it up, and place it on the center goal in 15 seconds?


I think they’ve done an excellent job on the game as they did last year, except this time they’ve given us yet another completely new challenge…

My instant reaction to the game convinces me it’ll be great. I was excited, but I winced in pain - playing with those tetras will be challenging because it’s going to be so important. But the challenge is a huge positive. I can’t wait to see what people come up with to manipulate them.

As a side note, I’d like to use this post to also say that I’m thrilled with FIRST’s improvements this year, especially in the kit. Going through the kit was like Christmas morning. Every little package I opened held more and more cool stuff. And this new drive train and chassis … I’m thinking we’re all going to see a whole new level of competition this year - no more will we see so many crippled robots out there! (hey, we were one of them, so no offense!)