So what do you think this year will bring?

The million dollar question is does anyone think this years game will have some sort of ball in it? If I was a betting man I would put my money on the ball. I personally would like to see something out of the norm. Maybe an object that’s square and needs to be moved or delivered.

Similar to stack attack boxes? I’d like to see frisbees or something totally out there like tetras in 05

It’ll probably bring a whole lot more of people posting before they search. You couldn’t find this thread right in the same forum you posted?

I believe it will be a game similar to one of our sports. They seem to alternate that every other year.

08 - Overdrive (nascar)
09 - Luncay (not a sport)
10 - Breakaway (soccer)
11 - LogoMotion (not a sport)
12 - ??? (a sport of some sort. My guess, hockey. Ex: no lifting the game piece from the floor)

I’d bet money on it.
threads like these get too big… but i agree it SHOULD have been posted here.
EDIT: actually that thread is down?!

Whoosh? But I gotta ask, why not just close the thread as a duplicate?

I’ve always wanted to see footballs (American footballs, for those of you non-Yankee).

Well, whatever it is I think it would be nice if required some of the same systems that were common the last 2 years. That way a lot of people designing and building the robots will have had experience building and designing for example a lift, or a clamping claw or any other of a number of systems used in the last few years and the level of play will be excellent.

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A new game.


This year will bring:

  1. A new game.
  2. A lot of new robots.
  3. Some elation and (us being human) more disappointments. Not everyone can win everything.
  4. Some great ideas.
  5. Lots of gracious professionalism (I hope!)
  6. Altogether too many hours away from the family (but worth it.)

Well this is almost at its end and i havent seen anything amazing or outstanding yet… lets wait for 2012 and see wht it brings :stuck_out_tongue: